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16 October 2009

Writing one page for the Examiner wasn't enough, so of course I had to convince them to let me write another. This one is a national page that features news and commentary on nationwide topics and goes by the name of Libertarian News Examiner. Meanwhile, the name of my Dallas site got whittled down to Dallas Libertarian Examiner and now concentrates purely on local Dallas/Ft. Worth area libertarian news and commentary.


27 October 2008

My new adventure in libertarian opinion writing went live to the world on Monday morning, 27 October 2008 on the website. I am now known as an "Examiner" and my page is titled Dallas/Ft. Worth Libertarian Examiner. Instead of writing one 750 word article twice a month, or one 600-650 word article weekly, I'll be tossing out three to four shorter pieces every week. Come take a look!


04 October 2008

My experiment in publishing my articles in alternative weekly newspapers nationwide as a regular syndicated column is now over. At its peak my syndication had two newspapers. One went out of business and the other quit publishing me. So for now the weekly or twice-weekly appearance of my articles will be put on hold while I consider what to do next. Many many thanks to my regular readers and supporters! You've been great. But you'll be seeing me down the road again in some other format.


17 September 2008

Back to square uno with the brave new syndicate. Starting today the River Cities Reader has decided not to publish my articles on a weekly basis but will pick and chose articles on an ad hoc basis. Maybe it was something I said!


30 July 2008

ThatOtherPaper published 12 of my articles from May thru the end of July and then decided to go out of business. Hope it wasn't something I said! Still shopping around for other takers.


18 May 2008

After months of poking and prodding the alternative newsweekly community I finally got the folks at ThatOtherPaper of Austin, Texas, to start publishing my articles on a four week trial basis. If all goes well and they keep me on I'll have a syndicate of two - a powerful publishing empire!


24 January 2008

Site News will be updated from time to time when anything of momentous import warrants it. Meanwhile, please enjoy the Cannon Chronology.


The Cannon Chronology


December 2000 March 2001

After years of hibernation I decided to get active in the freedom movement again. Didn't know what to do so I started writing letters-to-the-editor. Between December 2000 and March 2001 the Fort Worth Star-Telegram published three and the Dallas Morning News published two. You can read them all in Letters-to-the-editor.


April 2001 to July 2001

Stumbled across a website called advertising for "Feature Writers." I pitched them on a column idea called "The Loose Cannon Libertarian." They hired me to write two articles a month. After my second article I was their number one columnist. After my sixth article they began changing their business plan and started shutting down writers. They no longer run articles on their website. You can read those old articles in NewsGuy. (Note the little cannon and "L" logo I created for use on their site.)


September 2001 to December 2007

By the time my NewsGuy gig ended I was having way too much fun to quit writing. So I borrowed a friend's manual on how to set up a website using Microsoft FrontPage 2000 and began posting my own articles twice a month, every month, except for May 2002 when my hard drive experienced a tragic, early demise. You can read all my articles in my Online Archive. (And being no great webweenie I'm still using FrontPage 2000!)


December 2001

A sanitized version of my online article, Freedom Riders, appeared as an op-ed in the Star-Telegram under the headline "Got an idea on transit? Let it ride." My first article in a mainstream newspaper. You can read it in Loose Cannon Op-Eds.


March 2004

I became a member of the Star-Telegram's first-ever "Community Columnist" panel when they advertised for people in the community to write articles throughout the year. Thirteen of us beat out a field of over 200 applicants. You can read these articles in Star-Telegram Commentaries.


June 2005

A lightly edited version of my online article, Cartoon Libertarians, appeared in the print edition of the Libertarian Party News under the severely awkward title, "Libertarians aren't 'Democrats and Republicans, with a twist.'" You can read it in Loose Cannon Op-Eds.


February 2006

An edited version of my online article America Needs Gun Control ... for Bureaucrats was published in the Star-Telegram under the meaningless header (apparently they were skittish about questioning bureaucracy's right to go armed) "There are a million stories in the big city ..." You can read it in Loose Cannon Op-Eds.


November 2007

Time to try something different. Maybe I can self-syndicate my articles to some of the over 130 alternative newsweeklies published in every small to major city in the country. Developed a plan, a mailing list, and a pitch. Started contacting editors. One bit, the River Cities Reader of the Quad Cities, Iowa and Illinois. They ran four articles on consecutive weeks, beginning Wednesday, November 28, 2007, as a "Guest writer" to evaluate reader response.


January 2008

The River Cities Reader hired me as a fulltime weekly columnist and began publishing my articles in print and online (under the sobriquet "Guest Commentary"). These articles are written expressly for them (and any future buyers), and they receive a one-week exclusive in their market area. These articles appear on my website one week later in my archives. While I hope you read them in the original publication in support of my publisher, you can read all of these articles in my Print Archive.


Today (meaning whenever you read this)

The Loose Cannon Libertarian website no longer posts my original articles twice a month on the main page as it did for over six years. It now serves in a backup function for the always-ongoing efforts to syndicate my weekly libertarian columns to other newspapers and websites.



Garry Reed

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