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This is where print articles go to retire. First printing rights were sold for many of these articles. They are available for reprinting after reading my Reprint Rules.

NOTE: These articles originally appeared in The River Cities Reader from November 2007 to September 2008, and briefly in That Other Paper. The editors frequently write their own titles/headlines for articles, and many edit the content to suit their publication's requirements. This archive contains the original articles as they were written and submitted by the author, and will frequently vary in ways small or large from the published versions.


Syndicated Articles from 2008



Wed 02  And the Winner is: Al Gore, Al Gore and Al Gore

Wed 09  Do You Speak Thuggery or Freedom?

Wed 16 Will Oklahoma Become a Third World Country?

Wed 23 Addicted to Addiction

Wed 30 A Children's History of the Great American Empire


Wed 06 Ed Versus the State

WED 13 TSA: Taking, Splurging and Appropriating

WED 20 Evolution Run Amok

Wed 27 All Threats All the Time


Wed 05 Are You Smarter Than an Illegal Immigrant?

Wed 12 Better Living Through Chemical Warfare

Wed 19 The Great Privatizing Ploy

Wed 26 The Global Warming Medicine Show


Wed 02 Deadly Sins for Everyone

Wed 09 We are Taxbucks

Wed 23 The Great Speed Bump of Mexico

Wed 30 Entering the Brain-Free Zone


Wed 07 Right Versus Left: Who Kills More?

Wed 14 Nigerian Scam Letter 4 U

Wed 21 Politically Correct Plaque Attack

Wed 28 TSA goes Laissez-Faire


Wed 04 Soap Flakes and Political Fakes

Wed 11 When Laws Become Contemptible

Wed 18 Drooling Homeschooling Ruling

Wed 25 The Powercrats of Oz


Wed 02 Preemptive Crime Fighting

Wed 09 Ballpointing the Pointy-Headed Head Cases

Wed 16 Masters of the Unintended

Wed 23 Zombie Voters and Fortune Cookies

Wed 30 Saving us from the Constitution


Wed 06 When Power Speaks Truth

Wed 13 The Minimum Wage Terror

Wed 20 Saturday Night Assault Specials

Wed 27 A Real Standup Guy


Wed 03 Hollywood Star Snitcher

Wed 10 What's Your Political Sign?


Syndicated Articles from 2007