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Who are these Tyranny Fighters?
And who is Julian Heicklen?

For nearly three years these rights activists were heckled, harassed, hounded, arrested, abused, prosecuted and jailed -- and Julian himself was injected more than once with powerful antipsychotic drugs -- for committing the "crime" of peacefully distributing leaflets on public sidewalks to people who voluntarily accepted them.
"Originally, I went to the US District Court in Manhattan to inform juries of their rights. For me this is now the secondary issue. The primary issue has become freedom of speech. Jury nullification has become the vehicle to reclaim this right."--Julian Heicklen




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(news & commentary)


Puerto Rico bailout (Kathy Willens / Associated Press)

Don't bail out politicians, jail them without bail

"Texas taxpayers are currently burdened with the second-highest local debt in the nation." Is the Metroplex in danger of becoming another Puerto Rico...?


Interview: Texas LP candidate for HD33 'Crazy Rick'

Sometimes local Libertarian Party candidates are so interesting they have to be shared with the entire Libertariansphere. Texas LP candidate "Crazy Rick" seems to qualify as "interesting..."


Libertarians have the answer to the bathroom battles

Rockwall was just the latest North Texas city to engage in the public bathroom battles over the issue of "transgender rights..."



The Global Marijuana March returns to North Texas and libertarians will be in the thick of it once again as usual...


Save the Libertarian Party and keep educating Texans

Many non-political libertarians refuse to vote because it legitimizes The State...





(news & commentary)


Hooray for libertarian infighting!

Libertarians are a fiercely contentious lot, forever arguing and quarreling and squabbling among themselves. There's a case to be made that this infernal infighting is libertarianism's greatest strength...


Did Dirty Dancing dunce discredit the Libertarian Party?

So a guy gets the tiny idea in his tiny brain to strip dance down to the tiny G-string girding his tiny loins and it dominates social media...


John McAfee

John McAfee: Rabble-Rouser Fifth Columnist for the Libertarian Party?

John McAfee wants to be the LP presidential candidate. So who is he? You likely have his antivirus software on your computer right now. Yes, he's that John McAfee...


The 21st Century automat: Who needs minimum wagers?

The ultimate purpose of a bureaucracy is to benefit the people who run it. The ultimate purpose of the $15 minimum wage is to benefit the labor union bosses....


SS and Medicare: Government bait-and-switch scams

Jacob Hornberger took a reader to task for calling Social Security "a savings-retirement-insurance program." Hornberger insisted SS is just another welfare program. If that's true it's a symptom of even deeper problems...


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Loose Cannon Libertarian

As a longtime Libertarian Opinionizer I'm committed to the notion that life should be both fun and free. Each book contains a score of my earlier "fun&freedom" writings on libertarian political, social and cultural issues. Subjects as far afield as jury rights, the drug war, terrorist attacks, supreme court decisions, pot puffing and possibly the world's first book review review (yes, you read that right, a book review review) all serve as fit fodder for my cannon fusillades.


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"Garry Reed’s writing style is something bordering H.L. Mencken and Groucho Marx. His quick wit and colorful turn of a phrase gives the reader something to chuckle about while being informed." - Robert A. McKeown, The Blue Collar Economist


"Definitely someone to be learned from if you’re a libertarian interested in honing your writing skills." - Henry Moore, The Libertarian liquidationist


"Salvos is stimulating, amusing, and engaging." - David Lloyd Sutton, San Francisco Book Review


"Mr. Reed has a fun style and breathes new life into the subject of Libertarian Politics and Philosophy." - Andrew Curtiss, Fort Worth Libertarian Examiner


"...manages to sound a bit like Harry Browne at times." - Matthew Reece, Charlotte Libertarian Philosophy Examiner


"His pieces combine a good dose of skilled writing combined with man-on-the-street demeanor." - Brian Patrick, Free-Market.Net



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