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Whole lot of stereotyping going on

Everyone needs to back off from the obsessive simpleminded stereotyping that's taken root in our political and social culture...



The official poster for the 2015 DFW NORML sponsored Global Marijuana March of North Texas features this view of some of the 2,000 attendees in Ft. Worth from the successful 2014 March.

Libertarians join North Texas Marijuana March

For the third year in a row DFW NORML, the Dallas/Ft. Worth chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, will be staging their version of the Global Marijuana March of North Texas...



Libertarian Ed Kless: De-dismalizing the 'Dismal Science'

Ed Kless will be talking about trade in a presentation called "Economics In One Game." People who agree that economics is "The Dismal Science" should know that Kless will show you how economics can actually be fun in his interactive approach...



No country for old men, or old women

A pair of Dallas Libertarian Examiner readers in Ft. Worth had two big plans for their retirement. Having made careful investments and having stashed away sufficient funds for a comfortable life-after-work the two were ready...



If you don't submit to smart meters you're a Luddite

According to WFAA news 74-year-old Dallas resident James Humphrey Jr. died in his bedroom from a fire that likely started with his smart meter...





(news & commentary)


Democrats want forced funding for their favored functionaries

An outfit called is circulating a "survey" that asks how Big Politics Democrats can best force taxpayers to pay for their power grabbing. Pick your poison...



Defending libertarianism, sort of

Libertarians who identify with the Zero Aggression Principle can't feel too comforted when "one of their own" defends libertarianism and still gets much of it wrong...



What manner of Libertarianism be this?

The primary definition of libertarianism resides in the non-aggression principle against coercion, intimidation and fraud. But libertarianism presents in many forms, including "Conservative-Libertarian Fusionism" that should be called "Libertarian Confusionism?"...



Rand Paul polishes? demolishes? 'Libertarian' label

After announcing his Republican Party presidential bid virtually every headline tied Rand Paul's name to something that hardcore libertarians would only call "Libertarian-Republican," "Libertarian-Conservative," "Libertarian-Leaning," "Libertarian Lite" or "Barely Libertarianish..."



Without government who will make the wedding cakes?

Two lesbians walk into a bakery and ask for a wedding cake. The two African-American Christians who run it say No. Who wins this battle of Government-created Entitlement Stars?...


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Your work keeps getting better and better.  Keep it up!

This writer, Garry Reed, is a prolific Libertarian who has taught me so much. He is an analytical thinker and a sparky writer.

I love your stuff.  Please keep writing.

Your articles are an inspiration. I am so glad you find the time to write them, I will always find the time to read them.

Thanks for the great reporting. I am a lifetime registered Republican. I am very angry with all the politicians. I have voted republican all my life, but things are really changing now. The more I read your articles and listen to the media, the more I think I'm a Libertarian. I also consider myself a Conservative and an Independent.

Damn you, Garry! I'm too busy as it is, and now I have to stop and read your posts whenever they show up, because they are just that good. Hopefully lots of people who aren't already members of the choir are reading these too!




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