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What David Lloyd Sutton called a "deliciously irreverent collection" of insightful articles in his review for the San Francisco Book Review proves that political, social and cultural opinionizing can be both fun-provoking and thought-provoking at once.


Want to understand economics? Don't study Keynes or Hayek, study Scrooge McDuck. Want to know how government causes rather than curbs chaos? Don't ask your officious office-holder, ask your neighbor. Want to know how nanny state political correctness really works? Don't research the past, research the future. Want to read a book review review? (That's not a typo). Don't read those cranky conventional critics, read a Reed Review. Want to understand the real meaning of "bipartisans?" Don't consult your dictionary, consult Selected Salvos: "If we Democrats and Republicans work together to divvy up taxpayer booty we can both buy partisans."


This is "Fun&Freedom" stuff stuffed into twenty articles and a mere 76 pages for some quick reads, quick insights and quick laughs.




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Libertarian will argue for freedom to travel at transportation forum

Dallas County Libertarian Party Chair Paul Petersen will speak at the public "Transportation for Hire Forum" at City Hall Tuesday, September 2 (6:00 pm to 9:00 pm) to discuss "policy changes that grew out of the Uber furor." When Uber came to Dallas a year ago the establishment taxi and limo companies cried foul. Why?...



Kathie Glass Tour tours DFW during Labor Day

This weekend North Texas Libertarians can help the Kathie Glass Campaign by manning a booth, walking a block, attending a workshop or participating in a Labor Day parade. ...



Libertarian lesson: Never name stuff after politicians

One blowback from the politically correct crusade to rename the NFL's Washington Redskins: ALG President Nathan Mehrens has urged Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to change the name of the Russell Senate Office Building because the name is a "racial slur" and "disparages the American people..."



Got an analog electric meter? Prepare to be punished

If you still have an old analog electric meter or want that digital Smart Meter that was installed on your house against your wishes swapped out for an analog meter your official Day of Punishment will be July 17, 2014...



SigLib: North Texas Libertarian PAC goes national

Note to Libertarians: While you're attending the 2014 Libertarian Party National Convention in Columbus, Ohio this weekend be sure to stop by the Signs of Texas Liberty PAC table...





(news & commentary)


History buffs welcome; trolls need not apply

Some people are history. Some people are buff. Some people are history buffs. If you're the latter and you think American history has been propagandized with a liberal/progressive bias there's not really an app for that but there is a Google+ site for that...



Libertarians and the Great Holocaust Denial Scandal

A writer named Mark Ames at Pando Daily first exposed libertarians as racists because a 1970s Reason magazine published "pro-apartheid South Africa articles during the 1970s" and then outed the same magazine for dedicating an entire "special issue" to promoting Holocaust deniers...



Are you stuck in the Left-Right box world?

The reason the political, social and cultural discourse in the United States is so divisive, so rancorous, so deeply vitriolic, is because so few think outside of their own cherished box any more...



America's Game of Thrones

American politics is a real life Game of Thrones orchestrated by a cryptic self-serving ruling class of politicians, corporatists and bankster kingmakers. It's why libertarians loathe them all...



Finally: Legit Libertarian criticism from mainstream media

Gerson claims that some "libertarian ideas expand government." Gerson's entire article attacks "legalize and tax" libertarians who "seek to lift governmental restraints on consensual acts" even as this assists "governments that seek sources of revenue." This, he says, results in an "ideological alliance" between libertarians and government. He's right...


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Your work keeps getting better and better.  Keep it up!

This writer, Garry Reed, is a prolific Libertarian who has taught me so much. He is an analytical thinker and a sparky writer.

I love your stuff.  Please keep writing.

Your articles are an inspiration. I am so glad you find the time to write them, I will always find the time to read them.

Thanks for the great reporting. I am a lifetime registered Republican. I am very angry with all the politicians. I have voted republican all my life, but things are really changing now. The more I read your articles and listen to the media, the more I think I'm a Libertarian. I also consider myself a Conservative and an Independent.

Damn you, Garry! I'm too busy as it is, and now I have to stop and read your posts whenever they show up, because they are just that good. Hopefully lots of people who aren't already members of the choir are reading these too!




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