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Who are these Tyranny Fighters?
And who is Julian Heicklen?

For nearly three years these rights activists were heckled, harassed, hounded, arrested, abused, prosecuted and jailed -- and Julian himself was injected more than once with powerful antipsychotic drugs -- for committing the "crime" of peacefully distributing leaflets on public sidewalks to people who voluntarily accepted them.
"Originally, I went to the US District Court in Manhattan to inform juries of their rights. For me this is now the secondary issue. The primary issue has become freedom of speech. Jury nullification has become the vehicle to reclaim this right."--Julian Heicklen


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Jokers Wild: 'The Donald' Trump trumps political correctness

Presidential candidate campaigning hasn't been this much fun since multibillionaire H. Ross Perot ran for president on the platform that if there's a problem "You have to pull the car over the side of the road and look under the hood..."


Interview: Libertarian Mark Miller wants to frack the TRRC

Mark Miller's Texas Libertarian Party bid for TRRC Commissioner comes to North Texas. His goal is to bring increased transparency, regulatory reform, and an increased focus on property rights to a crony-riddled agency...


woman guns Women Driving Guns Sales Up

Gun Culture vs Anti-Gun Culture

A bill authorizing students to carry firearms on campus was signed into law in Texas last June. The gun control crowd has been howling in anger, dread, and intensified fearmongering about "Gun Violence..."


Choice, Change, Challenge; How to have fun as an LPTexas Candidate | libertarian |

Choice, Change, Challenge; How to have fun as an LPTexas Candidate

Kurt Hildebrand, State Chair of the Libertarian Party of Texas is calling for all those interested in real change to step up and run for office as Libertarian..."


Atlas Shrugged Triptych by DecoEchoes

Will Atlas be Shrugging again?

The movies Atlas Shrugged Part I, II and III made brief appearances in North Texas theaters but at the box office "made barely a blip." Now, maybe, Atlas will be Shrugging Again...





(news & commentary)


US Senator Ted Cruz(R-TX) and his wife Heidi  (Photo Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images)

Can Texas power couple Cruz to the White House?

In this nominating season focused on the political right's love affair with "Washington Outsiders" Ted Cruz is frequently touted as an outsider because he's a junior Senator from Texas. Really...?


Review: libertarian Cyberpunk 'Pink Slip Prophet'

In the tradition of previous "Literary Appetite Whetters" that are not so much book reviews as they are saucy hors d'oeuvres prepared to arouse one's literary taste buds for the main course this sampling of Pink Slip Prophet is hereby served...


Terrorist Free Zone, whip terrorism now, just say no to terror

There are times when progressives become so bizarrely lost in their own feel-good mindset that they've reverted to supernaturalism and occultism...


Worker co-ops are fine but if they become just one big coercive union they're no better than one big coercive government. The key is voluntary, not coercive.

How is crony socialism better than crony capitalism?

Factory workers used funding from Working World to buy a failed business and turn it into a worker-owned cooperative. But did the funding come from taxpayers...?


Legal establishment continues abuse of power against free speech | libertarian |

Legal establishment continues abuse of power against free speech

The battle between jury rights advocates and the legal establishment that wants to keep all juries ignorant and controlled rages on...


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Selected Salvos

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Loose Cannon Libertarian

As a longtime Libertarian Opinionizer I'm committed to the notion that life should be both fun and free. Each book contains a score of my earlier "fun&freedom" writings on libertarian political, social and cultural issues. Subjects as far afield as jury rights, the drug war, terrorist attacks, supreme court decisions, pot puffing and possibly the world's first book review review (yes, you read that right, a book review review) all serve as fit fodder for my cannon fusillades.


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"Garry Reed’s writing style is something bordering H.L. Mencken and Groucho Marx. His quick wit and colorful turn of a phrase gives the reader something to chuckle about while being informed." - Robert A. McKeown, The Blue Collar Economist


"Definitely someone to be learned from if you’re a libertarian interested in honing your writing skills." - Henry Moore, The Libertarian liquidationist


"Salvos is stimulating, amusing, and engaging." - David Lloyd Sutton, San Francisco Book Review


"Mr. Reed has a fun style and breathes new life into the subject of Libertarian Politics and Philosophy." - Andrew Curtiss, Fort Worth Libertarian Examiner


"...manages to sound a bit like Harry Browne at times." - Matthew Reece, Charlotte Libertarian Philosophy Examiner


"His pieces combine a good dose of skilled writing combined with man-on-the-street demeanor." - Brian Patrick, Free-Market.Net





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