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A column of political, social and cultural issues with a hardcore libertarian attitude.

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Between September, 2009 and June, 2012 Julian Heicklen and his Tyranny Fighters were confronted, harassed, attacked, arrested, jailed and more by the very law enforcers charged with protecting their rights. Their "crime" was peacefully giving jury rights pamphlets to people on public property.


Now their stories of courage and inspiration reported by Garry Reed as the events unfolded and posted in his Libertarian News Examiner online feature in over 70 news and commentary articles have been collected in a single volume. All of the original articles are here, amplified with additional introductory notes by the author and by never before published background material from activist emails, reader comments, social media sites and reports from major media news articles.


Also included is a special bonus chapter, Julian's Jailhouse Journal, the uncut, uncensored, unedited, deeply disturbing and bitingly witty account of his confinement in New York City's notorious Rikers Island jail.



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(news & commentary)


Coming Soon: The Great Almost Libertarianish Debate

North Texas Libertarian Party candidates, repeatedly excluded from major party debates, may be heartened by a recent Washington Times headline proclaiming that the next national GOP debate will include "an hour for libertarians..."

Mark Cuban, confused libertarian

Over the years Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank entrepreneur Mark Cuban has been associated with the "libertarian" word. In a recent interview with WFAA sportscaster Dale Hansen he made the association himself by admitting that he'...


Cop huggers: Hug a cop at your own risk

Many people today live in a fictional past in Sheriff Andy Taylor's Mayberry or George Bailey's Bedford Falls where cops were once just people. Today we live in a police state where cops are junkyard dogs...





(news & commentary)


False flag or fanatical flag; people died in Paris

Just as happened following other attacks The blood hadn't dried on the spattered walls and splattered streets of Paris before False Flag speculations were competing for attention on the world's social media peepshows...


Rename the Redskins? How about Noble Savages?

The political correctness language-cleansing white citified left liberal do-gooding "social justice" hate speech whiners are still obsessed with dictating which words everyone is required to resent, find intolerant, take offense to and be insulted by...


Hillary, Uncle Joe mock self defense with guns

So Hillary (no last name required) thinks gun-owning people are simply knee-jerk brainwashed pawns of the National Rifle Association who keeps its members "worked up in a frenzy" by constantly telling them...


Panning for libertarian gold in the media garbage sluice

The more the mainstream talks about libertarians the more garbage we have to dig through. In the early days of the Libertarian Party and the Modern American Libertarian Movement in general the word "libertarian" almost never appeared...



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Your work keeps getting better and better.  Keep it up!

This writer, Garry Reed, is a prolific Libertarian who has taught me so much. He is an analytical thinker and a sparky writer.

I love your stuff.  Please keep writing.

Your articles are an inspiration. I am so glad you find the time to write them, I will always find the time to read them.

Thanks for the great reporting. I am a lifetime registered Republican. I am very angry with all the politicians. I have voted republican all my life, but things are really changing now. The more I read your articles and listen to the media, the more I think I'm a Libertarian. I also consider myself a Conservative and an Independent.

Damn you, Garry! I'm too busy as it is, and now I have to stop and read your posts whenever they show up, because they are just that good. Hopefully lots of people who aren't already members of the choir are reading these too!




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